Cory arcangel

Some works in cory arcangel's solo show at the whitney museum of art reflect his longstanding interest in television and video games. Cory arcangel: 'making art is just basically dowsing' studio international caught up with the artist as he was putting the finishing touches to. Dear fact visitor, first of all, a little history back in 1984, most computers couldn 't display colour they were either green and black like old ibm computers,.

United states born fine artist cory arcangel makes work in a wide range of media : composition, video, modified video games, performance, and the internet. American artist cory arcangel is an artist, entrepreneur, and the new proprietor of the arcangel surfware flagship store, opening in stavanger. Everything dazed knows about cory arcangel cory arcangel arcangel_awkward-smiles-lakes, 2013 arts+culturecory arcangel on losing himself to the. Phillips is synonymous with contemporary culture as the most forward-looking of the international auction houses, we have set ourselves apart through our.

Cory arcangel photoshop cs: 84 by 144 inches, 300 dpi, rgb, square pixels, default gradient spectrum, mousedown y=11000, x=43200, mouseup y=11000, . Through techniques of hacking, manipulating, recycling, and reconfiguring, cory arcangel turns the intersection of technology and culture into materials for. Edited by cory arcangel, valentina gervasoni, stefano raimondi texts by andrew berardini, jacob ciocci, lauren cornell, giacinto di pietrantonio,.

I hadn't seen new media artist cory arcangel in close to three years, but when we got together again recently for the purpose of an interview,. Lecture table of contents introduction by mark tribe i first works preface to lecture academic training (classic guitar at oberlin) collaboration with davis. Depending on whom you ask, the cutting-edge of fine art's collision with video games is either incredibly difficult or very easy to miss.

Cory arcangel

cory arcangel Cory arcangel currentmood, 2017 set of five pigmented inkjet prints on canvas  in custom box 40 × 24 x 1 (each canvas) 41 × 25 × 9 (box.

In his works, cory arcangel docks onto many kinds of art: new media, appropriation art, pop, and conceptual art the protagonists of his video projections,. Beige programming ensemble homepage - computer programming artist collective. Cory arcangel (born 1978, united states) became well known for hacking video game cartridges and performing internet interventions, but his practice crosses a .

  • The source digest, a paperback collection of issues 1–10 of the source (2013– the present), gathers brooklyn-based artist cory arcangel's (born 1978) ongoing .
  • American artist cory arcangel talks with flash art about his technological exploration of obsession, obsolescence and the vernacular what's.
  • Arcangel surfware is a multinational software & merchandise publisher founded by entrepreneur & artist cory arcangel in 2014, and based in brooklyn, new.

Cory arcangel: pro tools, an exhibition of new work, revolves around the concept of “product demonstrations” all of the works featured in the. Cory arcangel was making a drawing, but he wasn't holding a pen in a small, high-ceilinged studio in industry city, a warehouse-lined wedge. Cory arcangel is buzzing with energy, as one might expect just days before the opening of his first icelandic solo culture. Cory arcangel is a brooklyn-based artist who makes work in a wide range of media, including music, video, modified videogames, performance, and the internet.

cory arcangel Cory arcangel currentmood, 2017 set of five pigmented inkjet prints on canvas  in custom box 40 × 24 x 1 (each canvas) 41 × 25 × 9 (box.
Cory arcangel
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